In conjunction with our affiliated Architect, we can design a home to meet all your needs, and your budget. Starting with me during the design phase allows me to follow the design to insure the customer gets what they ask for, while being cognoscente of the budget.


I am experienced in getting difficult projects approved through various departments in local municipalities. I will assemble the team (architect, engineers, lawyers) necessary to get your project approved.


We are fully capable of constructing a large commercial project, and or acting as a construction management company to oversee and complete a timely project.


We are highly experienced with direct waterfront properties, and the complexities associated with small lots, FEMA regulations, and tough weather conditions.


We are highly experienced with renovations / alterations as well. We take pride in a clean and orderly worksite, and making sure that your items are protected and cared for during the construction phase


When making a decision regarding a builder/contractor to complete our family home, it became very clear after completing a meaningful amount of research that Paul Coady and Coady Construction were the best choice to meet our needs. We have completed several projects with Paul and his crew and have been delighted with the quality results.

We have several criteria: 1) the project must be completed with the upmost of quality materials and standards, 2) the project must be completed in the estimated timeframe and with strict adherence to the budget, and 3) that the builder and their crew must be professional, reliable and act with integrity. Coady’s team was very professional, respectful and responsive to all of our needs through out the duration of the projects and, more importantly, after the projects were done. If anything needed adjusting or attention, someone from Coady Construction arrived ready and willing to attend to it with the same helpful attitude as when they building our homes.

We recommend Coady Construction with the utmost of enthusiasm.